What is a Tree Installation, and when is it needed? Our service requires an unobstructed line-of-sight (LoS) between our subscribers’ location and one of our relays. We have hundreds of relays located across our service area.  Because of the dense tree cover or land obstructions, we sometimes need to install our dish high up in […]

What is the installation process?

After submitting the Sign Up Form, a representative will contact you as soon as possible to schedule a site survey. A site survey may not be required if our team is familiar with the location, and is certain that service delivery is viable. Following a successful survey, the installer will perform the installation. In some […]

Support Policies. What can I expect from your support team?

CONTACTING SUPPORT Email support@furtherreach.net Web furtherreach.net/support/ Facebook Messenger (new!) Call or Text +1 707-278-8899 Schedule a Callback calendly.com/furtherreach/support Our support team is available by email, phone, or text during regular business hours (weekdays from 10-4).  We monitor email, text, and voicemails 24/7/365.   WHAT WE SUPPORT It is hard to overstate how varied and harsh […]

What are the available service plans?

Plans and pricing vary by location. All service plans are broadband and sufficient for HD-streaming and browsing. Service is available starting at $50 a month in some dense areas and $70 everywhere else. Our highest plan capacity plan is 1Gbps and is currently in beta testing. Please reach out to support to learn about what […]