What is a Relay Host?

Relay Hosts are the “Mesh” in Further Reach’s network. Further Reach is a community-based network with a social mission to provide fast, highly reliable, and rock-solid Internet service to rural Mendocino County.  Our network is tailored to local conditions and focused on community development, filling gaps left by larger, profit-driven ISPs. Relay Hosts allow us […]

Internet TV – Alternatives to Cable TV

In the digital age, moving away from traditional cable TV to embrace streaming services is not just a trend but a smart financial decision. Streaming platforms like YouTube TV, Sling TV, Hulu, Philo, DirecTV Stream, and FuboTV offer a rich array of live TV services at a fraction of the cost of cable subscriptions. For […]


Voice Over IP – VOIP WHAT IS VOIP Voice Over Internet Protocol allows you to make and receive regular phone calls over your Internet connection. This is not to be confused with WIFI calling – which is making mobile (eg Verizon, AT&T) calls over your Internet connection. VOIP RELIABILITY VOIP is inherently less reliable than […]

Backup Power

✅ This FAQ aims to inform you about power backups for your Internet connection. There are many options for batteries and generators. We would be happy to share more ideas. The two items below are one of many available options. DOES YOUR RELAY HAVE BACKUP POWER Further Reach’s core infrastructure has carefully designed power management […]

Do you offer any discounts to non-profits?

Yes. We provide free service to scores of local non-profits and community service organizations. As a guideline we aim to help out organizations that have a positive impact on the community. On a case by case basis, we offer to qualified non-profits discounted plans. To be considered for such plans the minimum requirement is a […]

Are you Local?

Yes. We are locally owned and operated with headquarters in Manchester, California on the Mendocino Coast.

How does your service compare to Satellite service?

There really is no comparison — our service surpasses satellite service in many ways:   Business aspects: No lock-in contract or activation fees. We do not charge equipment lease fees or require you to purchase the standard equipment up front. Money back guarantee in 30 days if you are not satisfied with the service.   […]

What is special about Further Reach?

BETTER INTERNET Low Latency. You can expect latency to be both low and steady which is the foundation of a good connection, especially important for Zoom and VOIP. Near Symmetrical. Download and upload capacities are both important – we do not trade one for the other. Managed WIFI. Our installations include a high-end WIFI Router […]