We cannot make a formal recommendation for surveillance equipment, but we have ourselves selected the following gear and use it at a number locations on the Further Reach network.

There are many considerations and we know little about your requirements so please check the details to ensure it works for your needs.

It is not a perfect system so please do not consider this a recommendation.


  • Ubiquiti security offering: https://unifi-video.ui.com/
    • The Cloud Key ($199) is a network recorder and runs Unifi Protect surveillance software. It is upgradeable to handle up to about 5-6 cameras. It comes with a 1 TB of storage but is upgradeable.
    • The G3 Flex ($79) is a remarkably good and inexpensive indoor camera.
    • The G3 Camera ($132) is a great camera that can be used indoors or outdoors.
  • The whole system is powered by Power Over Ethernet. The cameras require 24v PoE and the Cloud Key 48v.
    • A simple approach is to buy a cheap 48v PoE injector for the cloud key ( $15 https://amzn.to/35O0ss8) and a small PoE switch for the cameras ( $50 https://amzn.to/2Bl00Um ).
    • You will need to run ethernet cables from the cameras to the switch. Its not that hard to do but might be more than you want to take on. Any electrician can do this work for you (as can we).
  • The mobile version of Unifi Protect software is fairly good. The browser version is just OK. You will be able to connect remotely via a Ubiquiti login. One downside is Ubiquiti support is terribly lacking.

Good luck!