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Our support team is available by email, phone, or text during regular business hours (weekdays from 10-4).  We monitor email, text, and voicemails 24/7/365.



It is hard to overstate how varied and harsh the locations are where we install gear. We take great care to harden these installations against the many scenarios that cause failures, including power surges, lightning, wind, salt, flora, fauna, etc. We take pride in our track record of installations that last for many years without repair.

We support your Primary Internet Service, which includes your roof/treetop radio dish and the first Further Reach supplied WIFI router.

We also offer support for Custom Projects, which is anything beyond your Primary Internet Service, including expanding your WIFI coverage, adding VPNs or Static IPs, Surveillance Cameras, or just helping with a testy device.


SUPPORT + REPAIR POLICY – Primary Internet Service

Support and repairs for your Primary Internet Connection are generally at no charge. However, we charge on a time and materials basis ($100/hr with a one-hour minimum) in cases of damage caused by the customer (negligence) or for the cost of a tree climber if one is needed and you opt out of Tree Support.

The final determination of whether we charge for a repair will be at our sole but reasonable discretion.



Support for Custom Projects is offered on a time and materials basis. Our current hourly rate is $100 with a one-hour minimum.

Note that repair times for Custom Projects can be much longer than for our Internet Service.  Repair times are subject to delays because  1) not all of our staff is trained to service the Custom Project, and 2) we do not stock replacement parts and will need to place orders as needed.