Should I be concerned about microwave radiation?

The directional point-to-point antennas we use to connect you to the Internet are less than 1/1000th the radiation safety standards set by the FCC, and since they are directional, they have less impact on you than using a cell phone, or from radiation emanating from satellite dishes (e.g. Exede) that typically use higher power levels […]

Can I use my own home wireless router at home?

Further Reach comes with its own wireless access point to ensure the most reliable service, so you do not need to use your existing router. That said, should you wish to continue using it we are fine with that as well.

How do I know if I’m able to receive service?

Please sign up on our homepage and fill in your information. Once you sign up for a plan, we will schedule an installation during which we will survey your house’s specific location to validate we can provide the desired service. Note, in the absence of line of sight to our relay sites we will unfortunately […]

What happens in case of an electrical outage or power blackout?

85% of our network has Backup Power Infrastructure that is designed to provide at least 48 hours of backup power in the event of a grid failure. Our core network has Backup Power Infrastructure that is designed to provide a few weeks of backup power in the event of a grid failure. In the event […]

What do I do in case of a problem with my internet connection?

First, check to see if the problem is specific to one device or happens for all devices. If you are able to connect from another device then the problem is not likely with the Internet connection. If the problem happens for all devices, if possible, check your email as we might have already sent a […]

Do you provide credits for down time?

Further Reach plans are a best-effort service. We will do our best to ensure that the service operates at the stated speeds. However, our service uptime is not guaranteed and we do not provide credit for downtime.

How do I cancel the service?

You may terminate the service by emailing support – please indicate the day you wish service to be terminated. Subscribers who cancel the service are required to return all Further Reach’s equipment within 30 days.   Contact Support to schedule termination of your service. Email Call or Text +1 707-278-8899 Schedule a Callback

Can I set up recurring payments?

Yes, we highly recommend you enable recurring payments to avoid the hassle of performing an individual transaction each month and potential late fees. You can set up auto payments on the customer portal.