Subscriber Portal – Your Online Account

HIGHLIGHTS You are now able to generate a new link yourself without the need to ask Support. You still access the billing portal (aka Subscriber Tools) via unique links sent to your email. You are now able to edit information about your account. If you have more than one account, you can access them all […]

Accepting an Order Form

1. Open Your Portal Link. You will have received an email like the following. Dear Subscriber, Ahead of your upcoming installation date, please review and approve the order form at the following link. If you have any questions, please contact us at Thank you for choosing Further Reach. Click the link in your […]

Free Public WIFI Hotspots

Free Further Reach WIFI We offer Free Public WIFI Hotspots at numerous locations along the coast. Please note that this information is subject to change so please email in advance for updated information about a particular site. Most of these sites require a Facebook check-in – please plan ahead These sites will require facebook […]

Further Reach COVID policy

In consideration of the COVID-19 pandemic, we take the following precautions: All of our staff members and technicians are fully vaccinated against Covid19. If no one in your home is high-risk, then our installer can come inside to complete your installation. When inside your home he will of course, be wearing a mask. Finally, if […]

Static/Dedicated IP and “Open NAT”

How to obtain a static/dedicated/publicly routable IP for gaming, business, and industrial applications? *** DISCLAIMER *** : READ BELOW: CAUTION It is a best practice to employ an Internet firewall that blocks inbound Internet traffic – that is, traffic initiated from outside your home or office network to your home network. Firewalls block this […]


Voice Over IP – VOIP WHAT IS VOIP Voice Over Internet Protocol allows you to make and receive regular phone calls over your Internet connection. This is not to be confused with WIFI calling – which is making mobile (eg Verizon, AT&T) calls over your Internet connection. VOIP RELIABILITY VOIP is inherently less reliable than […]

Backup Power

✅ This FAQ aims to inform you about power backups for your Internet connection. There are many options for batteries and generators. We would be happy to share more ideas. The two items below are one of many available options. DOES YOUR RELAY HAVE BACKUP POWER Further Reach’s core infrastructure has carefully designed power management […]

Verifying that your Further Reach equipment is powered on

If you encounter any problems with your Further Reach service such as webpages not loading or devices not connecting to wifi, the first thing to do is make sure that our on-site equipment is powered on. Please consult the following diagram to do so. You may wish to print this out to have offline.

Wi-Fi Issues

This article is about common issues with your in-home Wi-Fi, upgrade options, and best practices. Wi-Fi is NOT Internet Further Reach Internet Service brings Internet connectivity to your home. Wi-Fi is a common wireless technology that you can use to distribute Internet connectivity throughout your home/property. Wi-Fi is not technically supported by us, but we […]