Our live, local support team is available by email, phone or text during regular business hours. You can also schedule a callback (see below).

We monitor email, text and voicemails after hours 24/7/365.

Support for your Internet Connection is included in your monthly fee. We monitor our network 24/7/365. Most repairs are at no charge, however, there is a repair fee in cases of damage caused by the customer (negligence or otherwise) or for the cost of a tree climber if one is needed.

We also offer Deep Support to assist you with anything beyond your Internet Connection, from expanding your WIFI coverage to adding VPNs or Static IPs, Surveillance Cameras, or just helping with a device. This service is offered for an additional fee that will be estimated at the time of your request.

Contact Support

Email support@furtherreach.net
Call or Text +1 707-278-8899
Schedule a Callback calendly.com/furtherreach/support